25th anniversary
of the Phoenix

Port Deptford
Renaissance Pleasure Faire South Bert Lynn Middle School
Nottingham Festival Age of Chivalry

Tournament of the Phoenix

(“Poway", “Joust”)


What are the dates for this event?

See the Event Schedule.

Where is this event located?

Poway Valley Riders' Assoc.    http://goo.gl/maps/ZBBVo
14336 Tierra Bonita Rd
Poway CA 92064

What is this event like?

This is a unique international event where actual period athletic competition takes center stage, a fascinating mix of pageantry, horsemanship, chivalry, historic martial arts and a variety of historic encampments. St. Ives is one of only a few select groups who are invited to be part of this international event. We spend our day demonstrating period activities like fiber arts, gambling games, singing, dancing, or whatever else we have brought with us. A lot of families come to this event, and they all seem fascinated by what we do and ready to play along. Watching the knights and squires, who have come from around the world, compete at jousting, hand to hand combat, and games of skill, is a treat, as are the fine human and equine armour and other equipage.

“The Tournament of the Phoenix and Festival of History is a 3-day, 6-segment competitive sporting event, with entertainment and activities, vendors, exhibitors and FOOD! The competition is real, and a true athletic event, nothing is "staged" or choreographed; our competitors are professional athletes representing their home countries. [The] Festival of History [features] period camps ranging from Rome to the Renaissance, costumed interpreters bring history to life at the Festival of History! Visitors are guaranteed an action-packed weekend as history is revisited before their eyes!”

What is St. Ives’ time commitment for this event?

Setup Thursday late afternoon
School day Friday 9 am to 3:30
Sat/Sun 8:00- 6:30 plus tear down Sun.

What is usually provided by the event/St. Ives?

St. Ives folk bring and share food and water. General-use privies.

Is there camping? Where do folks stay?

Participants may camp on-site or stay at local lodgings.

What kind of shopping and/or entertainment is at this event?

See vendor list -

What do Ives folks say about this event?

“The customers are excited to see what we have to offer and are willing to play. We have plenty of room on the site and it is also fun to see what other groups (e.g., Roman soldiers, medievalists) are doing. Nice shopping.” - Tracy J.

 "Family crowd interested in learning. Great opportunity for one on one interaction with crafts and with period games. Country Dance was added this year. “ - Mike D.

“The patrons are well above average and full of interest. And where else do you have a royal joust in your front yard? All in all, this is a fun weekend and a great respite from the day to day drudgery. “ – Niles M