25th anniversary
Age of Chivalry
Port Deptford
Renaissance Pleasure Faire South Bert Lynn Middle School
Nottingham Festival Tournament of the Phoenix

Age of Chivalry

(Las Vegas Renaissance Festival)

What are the dates for this event?

See the Event Schedule.

Where is this event located?

Sunset Park        http://goo.gl/maps/7fA2s
Las Vegas, NV

What is this event like?

“For the 20th year, a medieval kingdom will take over Sunset Park with lavishly costumed knights, knaves, fine ladies and wenches…”

This is a very large, eclectic faire with a combination of medieval, renaissance, SCA, and fantasy groups. Lots to see and do, and… Las Vegas!

What is St. Ives’ time commitment for this event?

Setup day Thursday afternoon/evening
Call time 8 am
Teardown Sunday night.

What is usually provided by the event/St. Ives?

Food, bathrooms, etc.

Is there camping? Where do folks stay?

There is on-site camping available.

What kind of shopping and/or entertainment is at this event?

Many vendors, Las Vegas nearby

What do Ives folks say about this event?

“Currently the best "small fair" event, even though it draws over 30,000 during a three day weekend. Two crowds--a daytime crowd of families, and a nighttime crowd of young adults enjoying the bands. Great opportunity to showcase crafts and to gig with the Queen at St. Augustine's located adjacent to us.” – Mike D.