25th anniversary

t. Ives Historical Society has over one hundred crafters and actors who are available for any event. We have presented the lifestyle of the Elizabethan middle class at school and corporate events, fundraisers and film.

Our recent credits include:

  • Background cast for an episode of House
  • A Village representation at the Tournament of Phoenix
    (an International Jousting Championship)
  • Renaissance Day at Bert Lynn Middle School
  • Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival
  • Nottingham Festival
Musicians at a Lyons Club fundraiser

f you would like Saint Ives to be involved with your event, please contact the Administrative Director or Assistant Director to discuss your interest and requirements. We can provide actors and musicians, weavers, millers, craftsmen and even a working forge.

Elizabethan cooking
Elizabethan cooking - delicious results!
Teaching an old game
to a new generation
Country dancing
Country dancing with the locals