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Bert Lynn Middle School

Her Majesty, KaraWhat are the dates and times for this event?

Usually the first Friday in June, from 10 am to 1 pm

Where is this event located?

Bert Lynn Middle School   (large grassy field)
5038 Halison Street
Torrance CA 90503       http://goo.gl/maps/rff5P

What is this event like?

Bert Lynn Middle School is a 1/2 day renaissance themed middle school “fairlet” with polite and interested kids sponsored by the PTA. St. Ives, together with the PTA and a few other groups, demonstrate music and dance, let kids try their hands at blackwork and milling and chain maille, and other hands-on activities. Some of us “noble up” to attend Queen Elizabeth.

Typically, the event is on the cool side since it is a morning event. It is a dry event since we perform for middle-school aged kids. We are all very well-treated by the PTA and school. This event helps  St. Ives fulfill our mandate as an educational nonprofit organization.

Her Majesty, Kara

What is St. Ives’ time commitment for this event?

Setup begins at 7 am, call time is 9 am, fairlet is from 10 am to 1 pm

What is usually provided by the event/St. Ives?

The school provides a changing room, bathrooms, tables, chairs, shade,  ice and water. St. Ives (Kara) provides delicious food.

Is there camping? Where do folks stay?

This is not an overnight event.

What kind of shopping and/or entertainment is at this event?

wheat goddess No shopping at this event.

What do Ives folks say about this event?

“The kids are fun, interesting, curious, and well-behaved. The venue is nice (grass!) and the folks running it very accommodating. “ - Tracy J.

“Bert Lynn is a great event and that gal who organizes it is awesome!” - Kara M.

“A well organized (both by Kara McLeod and the Bert Lynn staff) school event. Approximately four hours spent with seventh graders interested in what you're doing and what you say.“ – Mike D.

“Great group of children to work with. The day is short, the conditions are always ideal and the staff and kids are the best.” - Niles M.

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